Operational insights
Insights that unlock success.
Tailored insights that enable you and your team to do their best work. Understand ingredient use, daily demand, and time & temp monitoring - down to the gram.
Schedule Makeline shifts and assign tasks with ease. Real-time visibility into completion gives managers peace of mind. Make life easier for operators by centralizing key tasks.
Give managers the ability to digitize SOPs and automate HACCP workflows. Nonstop time and temperature monitoring helps you stay safe and save time.
Automate manual work by connecting supplier data in one system of record. Track inventory in real-time and schedule alerts that put reordering on autopilot.
Use data to inform store-level sales forecasting. Gain a better understanding of location-based seasonality and day-of-week fluctuation. Understand trends across the entire fleet.
Menu Manager
Our key ingredient is consistency.
Centralize menus and update Makelines with the click of a button. Input ingredients, customize by location, and provide staff with easy to access recipe guides.
Menu Management
Centralize menus and push them to your Makelines with the click of a button. Customize by location, time of day, or days of the week - allowing you to seamlessly run LTOs and promotions.
Recipe Development
Fine-tune your recipes to perfection. Create fully costed and portioned recipes with step-by-step instructions and dietary info. Develop new recipes based on preferences and popularity.
Utilize Hyphen’s vast dispensing capabilities to customize and experiment with new menu innovations. Pair order data with culinary capabilities to develop menus based on trends and habits.
Granular-level data unlocks the true cost of your ingredients and saves hours of manual work. Fine-tune portions to ensure profitability and predictable forecasting. Track changes allowing you to plan for seasonal or unforeseen spikes.
Self-Serve Automation
Configured for you, by you.
With no one size fits all approach, Hyphen allows you to fine tune how automation can best serve you. Fully configure and update the layout of your Makeline.
Precise pickup times alleviate congestion and allow staff to stay focused. Intuitive chits streamline consolidation - making order retrieval a breeze. Couriers are in and out, knowing their delivery orders will be staged and ready.
Full Send
Take advantage of high throughput capabilities to grow your catering offering. Produce bulk orders with the push of a button, with only one operator required. From corporate catering to social events, Hyphen helps you deliver.
Developer API
Our API gives developers the ability to customize how the Makeline fits in your stack. Automatically send order data to your CRM, giving marketers new data - down to the ingredient, down to the gram. Connect FOH with BOH, sending in-store ordering channels directly to the Makeline.
The Foodservice Operating System (ServeOS) that automates meal production and augments staff. Increase your profit, performance, and production with Hyphen.
Automation that keeps your business moving.
Hyphen automatically and simultaneously traverses multiple meals down the line, unlocking nonstop production at higher throughputs.
High IQ
Operational Intelligence
Fully understand the power of The Makeline in one simple interface. Use data to unlock sales and ingredient insights, processing times, and identify trends. A single source of truth that lets you know what’s happening across every store, in real time.
Take Control
Actionable Insights
Turn intelligence into actionable insights that help you set better goals for your team, refine your culinary and marketing strategy, and improve guest satisfaction. Understanding what’s working and what could improve will allow you to optimize for staff and guests.
Stay Informed
Machine Monitoring
The Makeline has thousands of sensors, allowing you to understand ingredient level data, and temperature logs down to the millisecond. Monitor performance, throughput, and usage - no matter how far you are from the kitchen.
Financials & Forecasts
Clean financial reports help you reconcile and forecast with ease. No more pulling data from multiple sources and spreadsheets. Hyphen empowers you to make better decisions with data.
Sanitizing made easy
- no tools required.
With push-to-unlock features, Hyphen requires no tools for cleaning. Each component fits into a standard 3 — comp sink or commercial dishwasher.
Understand how your workforce engages with the Makeline, including ingredient refill frequency, consolidation time, and manual assembly insights.
Full Send
Schedule makeline shifts and assign tasks with ease. Real-time visibility into completion gives managers peace of mind
Make life easier for operators by centralizing key tasks into a single source of truth. Recognize patterns, monitor quality control, and predict trends.
Gain detailed insights into labor costs and operational efficiency. Use historical data to ensure appropriate staffing at specific times of day.
Human Machine Interface
Your kitchen copilot
Real time alerts and insights guide operators to make the best decisions, and streamline workflows to put ops on autopilot.
Automatic lights instantly guide operators to the specific location of an alert, allowing for quick resolutions and resets.
Full Send
Cabinet Screens
Cabinets come equipped with screens which provide real-time call to action context and allow for resolution via the tap of a button.
User Interface
Each Makeline comes equipped with a mounted tablet, enabling you to manage orders and take control of the Makeline 24/7.
Empower your team to do their best work.
Gain a better understanding of your team and how the Makeline impacts operational efficiency.
Live Video
Tune in and monitor the internal workings of the Makeline, providing a record of each ingredient dispensed into a specific meal.
Full Send
Published events
Critical events notify Hyphen engineers based on level of importance, allowing for quick resolution in the event it’s needed.
Telemetry Diagnostics
Hyphen measures processing times, user behavior, and consistently monitors the state of the Makeline - only alerting when attention is needed.
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